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  • Certified to EU Standard
  • Low Maintenance
  • High Strength Concrete
  • No Mechanical Parts
  • 30 Year Guarantee
  • 100% Irish Made

bioTank Technical Specifications

bioTank septic tank measurements

The bioTank treatment unit has integrated pvc lids and separate blower housings to ensure full water tightness - risers can be supplied or sourced locally. The unit contains ample pump chamber storage suitable for pressure dose systems. Units can be supplied with adjustable distribution box and piping kits, integrated low pressure systems kits, percolation soil or biosand.

Maximium Number of Full Time Residents p/day 8
Average Flow m3/day 1.6
BOD Load kg/day 0.48
Overall Length m 3.4
Width m 1.2
Height m 1.45
Inlet Level to Base m 1.2
Outlet Level to Base m 1.1
De Sludge Period month 12
Air Blower Motoring Rating watts 60
Weight kg 3200

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